About ABSA

ABSA aims to represent and defend the common, economic and professional rights and interests of its members, Business Process Outsourcing sector (BPO) employers for the foreign and domestic market, including customer care services, financial management, human resources, marketing, online promotion, localization etc. The Association’s goal is to facilitate the improvement of the BPO sector at the international level through the introduction of value-added services and sharing of best practices, quality information and research results, benefits and innovative choices in subcontracting industries. ABSA intends to become the private sector’s partner in relations with the Government.

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ABSA submits proposals to Albanian Government to change policies in interest of BPO companies

Disseminate information on best practices from membership in international organizations

ABSA staff works to develops links between BPO companies and foreign clients

ABSA staff works to facilitate investments from new investors

BPO Services in Albania

  • Typical in bound and out-bound services
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Promotion and sales campaigns
  • Market studies
  • Financial/accounting services
  • Web & SEO development
  • IT support and help-desk
  • Translation and localization services
  • Loan recollection
  • Stock exchange agents
  • Project management
  • HR-recruitment services
  • Insurance services

Main Sectors

Finance / Banks / Stock Exchange85
IT / Software92
TV Broadcasting88

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