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About ABSA


ABSA aims to represent and defend the common, economic and professional rights and interests of its members, Business Process Outsourcing sector (BPO) employers for the foreign and domestic market, including customer care services, financial management, human resources, marketing, online promotion, localization etc. The Association’s goal is to facilitate the improvement of the BPO sector at the international level through the introduction of value-added services and sharing of best practices, quality information and research results, benefits and innovative choices in subcontracting industries. ABSA intends to become the private sector’s partner in relations with the Government.

Our goal is to develop your business across local borders.

ABSA’s Vision is to become a key player in networking and international expansion for BPO service providers in Albania and in relation to public institutions.
The association aims to become a representative private sector partner in relations with the Albanian state, and to facilitate foreign investment in Albania. ABSA aims to promote the BPO sector as a sector that enhances employment in different cities of the country and offers career opportunities for young people.

Our mission is to be a reference institution for our associates, to help people and youth to reach their full potential by promoting their skills globally. Our goal is to make all BPO businesses in Albania aware of the ever-growing opportunities of this sector, creating a common community that shares best practices and provides more opportunities for youth professional development.

– Through our transparency we provide the progress of your business in constantly.
– Your goals are our promises to you.
– We share our knowledge and experiences by creating a culture of communication beyond business barriers.
– We offer solutions that are in line with the latest technological and business developments

The existence and activity of our company is based on some core values that guide us in the way we do business and at the same time influence the way we think and act.
➢ Transparency
➢ Innovation
➢ Cooperation
➢ Communication
➢ Accountability
➢ Commitment

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ABSA aims to represent and defend the common, economic, and professional rights and interests of its members, BPO sector employees for the foreign and domestic market. | +355 69 709 0439 | [email protected]

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