The Albanian Business Services Association (ABSA) in partnership with the TFL for Life (TFL) have begun implementing the BPO Sector Project through a legal framework, advocacy and lobbying for economic growth and employment, which is financially supported by Risi.

The purpose of this project is to develop the BPO sector by facilitating business policies aimed at economic growth and employment. Its specific objectives are:

  1. Analyzing and comparing the Albanian legislation with that of the countries of the region and the EU in order to bring positive practices in this sector, as well as lobbying and advocacy in support of this sector.
  2. Qualification of professions in the Call Center sector and monitoring of the implementation of DCM no. 47/2008, “On the Employment Promotion Program, through Job Training”, as amended, regarding Call Center Employee Training;

iii. Promoting the BPO sector as a positive sector for Albanian economic growth;

  1. Facilitate market diversification for BPO companies and capacity building of implementing organizations.

The results of this project are intended to help the responsible state institutions to better understand the problems of this sector, as well as to adopt the necessary legislative or administrative measures to improve the relevant legal and sub-legal framework.

The project also aims to better respect in practicing the rights of employees and employers in this sector of great importance to the society and family economy of many Albanian citizens.

* BPO sector includes all subcontracted business services activities