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Easy Albania

Easy Albania is a multifunctional company created to provide different services to its international clients, combining different services with tourism. One of the services is that of dental tourism.

BTC Albania

BTC Albania is a company focused on accomplishing the needs of business users. The company offers solutions for various clients such as banks, government organizations, telecommunications and other commercial companies that need reliable solutions.

Unit Center

UNIT CENTER Ltd is a company that provides outsourcing services by providing telemarketing for the best branded product. The company mainly deals with the design and implementation of promotional areas relying on direct marketing and direct services or forming another alternative that the online marketplace offers.

Vigan Group

Vigan Corporate represents a group of companies and is also one of the largest group entities in Albania, headquartered in Tirana. It’s a company that extends its activity in the field of BPO services, Restaurants, software and technology, media and marketing, property investment and real estate. We focus on innovative, flexible and collaborative solutions with a strong emphasis on reliable and responsive services and discretion.

3A Projects

3A Projects” was founded in 2014, as a multi – disciplinary consulting firm located in Albania. We are looking for entrepreneurs in search for changes, improvement and building ideas. The firm is committed to provide the necessary resources for companies and individuals with new insights and heightened aspirations to understand and take responsibility for their social impact. Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.

Momentum Group

Momentum Group operates as a holding company for a multitude of businesses, such as Restaurants, Travel Agencies, Call Centers, in addition to owning private companies. Momentum grants autonomy to its operating subsidiaries, enabling them to be competitive and effective whilst setting overall standards. With a comprehensive branch network and extensive branded service ranges, Momentum Group is a well-established and successful brand area operating in Albania.


Acme Ltd offers marketing services in the field of media planning. Acme studio offers information and communication technology development solutions for businesses, organizations and events. Provide innovative services at optimal implementation costs. The creativity and flexibility in building web pages make Acme studio the ideal business partner in the big world of internet. With their creativity and cutting-edge led printing technology, they provide products with stylish and modern design.

Albreeze Ltd

Albreeze Ltd offers marketing in the field of catering and travel agencies. In the field of tourism, hotel services, sale / purchase of plane tickets, ferries, buses and / or various means of organization of forms of tourist trips, business trips, etc. They also offer tourist trips with organized groups at home and abroad.


CST-AL Ltd is a telemarketing business, offering Call center services and online sales. CST-AL ltd as a company specialized in Telemarketing is led by experts in the field, capable of promoting the company’s objectives and delivering desirable results to succeed.

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