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How to Ensure Data Security in BPOs?

With the ever-growing technological advancements and the increasing use of Internet worldwide, the data security and privacy have always been a primary concern for the business process outsourcing companies as they are responsible for the stakeholders including the vendors, suppliers and the client-companies. Since most of the…

Improve Your BPO Partner Relationship

Business Process Outsourcing is the vein of a successful and ever-growing business. In a business relationship, BPO means trusting your business partner with crucial segments of your daily operations. What a business might sometimes miss is the binary relationship between both companies- they coexist to…


Albanian Business Service Association (ABSA) hap thirrjen për shprehje interesi drejtuar bizneseve që merren me teknologjinë X Reality(XR), Virtual Reality (VR) ose Augmented Reality (AR). ABSA është një organizatë e pavarur jo qeveritare, jo politike dhe jo-fitimprurëse e cila operon në sektorin e Shërbimeve të…


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