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Global Digital City (GDC) is an initiative of ABSA, and aims to link digitalization with attributes of each specific city in Albania and the Albanian speaking communities. Its purpose is to prevent “brain drain” and develop local communities in Albania and the Balkan region, by introducing digitalization and employment opportunities.

We believe that only digitalization and technology can make us stronger competitors in the global market. In the wake of the global pandemic, digital communication is now becoming a very important aspect of social life and business development. Global Digital City end-to-end organization and coordination events go to ABSA.

After 2 successful events, Korça Digital Weekend and Shkodra Digital Weekend, at ABSA we are constantly looking for support from other strategic partners that would make it easier to transmit the messages that the Global Digital City platform aims for.

A short presentation of both events can be found here .

To access the web page, please visit:

Building capacities to improve Advocacy, Image and Marketing of the BPO sector

In the frame of this project, ABSA, assisted by the organization “Together for Life” and Beqiraj & Partners Law Firm, with support from RisiAlbania, created and implemented three studies:

Business Porcess Outsource: Its purpose is to identify the key issues currently plaguing the BPO sector in Albania, with the aim of eliminating these issues and promoting the further growth of the sector. It gives a description of the background of the BPO sector, how it was first created in Albania, and the development curve of this sector in our country. Companies forming the BPO sector operate in various areas of the economy, such as; customer service, IT, marketing, online sales, business analysis services, and all other types of services not included in other sectors of the economy. Click here to read the study report.

Employment Promotion Programs – A necessary instrument for strengthening the BPO sector and increasing the adequate and long-term employment of youth: Presenting an analysis of the active employment programs, and particularly the Employment Promotion Programs implemented by NES/NAES during 2017, 2018 and 2019. its purpose is to identify the extent of BPO businesses inclusion in EPP, as well as propose measures and tools for increasing the support for these businesses in the area of job creation, through dedicated programs. This study aims not only to identify the current situation, but also to provide suggestions for the BPO sector to benefit more from future employment support measures. Click here to read the study report.

Study on the new job positions in the business process outsourcing in Albania: The aim is to identify new professions emerged in the labor market in Albania due to the BPO sector, and to serve as evidence for their promotion and inclusion in the NLP. The purpose is to reflect the current situation of the recognized and legally described professions in the NLP, and to identify, name and describe new professions not included in this list. In addition to identifying them, it aims to promote new professions to public stakeholders of the labor market, and to ones of the private sector, which possess little to no information. This study intends to shed light on the career opportunities that the sector offers to young people, and to differentiate from being identified simply as a call center sector. Click here to read the study report.


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