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Global Digital City  is an initiative of ALBANIA BUSINESS SERVICES ASSOCIATION, a non-profit organization that lobbies and advocates for the improvement of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and ITO sector. Regardless of the sector, ABSA provides support for businesses including those with a focus on human resources, finance, electronics, technology, and innovation.

Global Digital City (GDC) aims to link digitalization with attributes of each specific city in Albania and Albanian speaking communities. Its purpose is to prevent “brain drain” and develop local communities in Albania and the Balkan region by introducing digitalization and employment opportunities.

We believe that only digitalization and technology can make us stronger competitors in the global market. In the wake of the global pandemic, digital communication is now becoming a very important aspect of social life and business development. Global Digital City end-to-end organization and coordination events go to ABSA.

After 2 successful events, Korça Digital Weekend and Shkodra Digital Weekend, at ABSA we are constantly looking for support from other strategic partners that would make it easier to transmit the messages that the Global Digital City platform aims for.


Global Digital City

Among the most basic and most important questions is that the one about what you’re studying and the program which you’re participating in.

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