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BPO Services

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is responsible for duties including office management, keeping travel and diary schedules, dealing with company HR, and managing private property portfolios and personal finance. Virtual Assistants may also be required to attend business meetings and organize events.

ABSAs Members brings to you the right Virtual Assistant, with skills well suited to your profession and general lifestyle and the difference it makes can be quite astounding!

Information Technology

Information Technology is a “set of tools, processes, and methodologies (such as coding/programming, data communications, data conversion, storage and retrieval, systems analysis and design, systems control) and associated equipment employed to collect, process, and present information. Information technology (IT) has become a vital and integral part of every business plan. From multi-national corporations who maintain mainframe systems and databases to small businesses that own a single computer, IT plays a role. ABSAs Members believe in delivering advanced technologies to address the specific needs of businesses.

Consultancy in Topography, Architecture, etc

ABSAs members’ services assure detailed and defensible opinions of property assets that provide short and long-term considerations and assist Clients to form a disposition strategy. ABSAs members’ multi-disciplinary team is skilled at uncovering deferred maintenance issues and structural defects that can often be overlooked by a generalist assessment.  These projects encompass buildings of diverse types, from multi-family homes to large scale.

Digital Marketing

Marketing has always been about connecting with the audience in the right place, and at the right time. Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

ABSAs Members has a full-service Internet Marketing Company that offers innovative Web Marketing Solutions to mid to large size companies.


Outsourcing Telemarketing Services can help organizations augment their existing customer relationships.
ABSAs Members offers a lead qualification service that helps to maximize the marketing ROI. They respond to your leads through inbound & outbound calls to qualify and convert them as prospects. After qualification, they can book appointments, transfer calls over or sync lead information directly to CRM.

Financial Services

From banking and insurance to wealth management and securities distribution, ABSAs Members dedicated financial services teams serve all major sectors of the industry.

ABSAs Members take pride in their high professional level within the industry, their local and experienced team provides the highest quality ongoing operation and management of a Financial Services Provider. They are specialists with years of experience and, more importantly, success-behind them.

Data Entry

The data entry service is one of the most popular services that is outsourced by companies worldwide. Every company needs to perform some data entry tasks that are necessary, if not essential, to the daily operations. The challenge is that these tasks take a lot of time. Outsourcing data entry to a trusted partner can reduce operational costs significantly, improve the efficiency of your team, enable the use of technology advancements without needing to invest and mitigate risks.

BPO Services

ABSAs Services

Legal Consultancy

ABSA team has consulted on diverse cases and can produce insights that go well beyond the obvious to help you overcome the toughest challenges. Using the newest technologies, they are able to provide the highest quality of Legal Consultancy no matter where your office is located.

ABSA is a company comprised of individuals who care about doing a great job in a timely manner in order to provide exceptional value to our clients.


ABSA provide private mediation services, consulting services, and education in mediation, communication and negotiation, to help businesses and individuals avoid disputes through planning and to resolve disputes through mediation. And it is focused on facilitating highly professional, diplomatic and responsive interventions that achieve successful outcomes for all parties involved.


Learn and improve skills across business, tech, design, and more. Everyone’s learning journey is different. Create impactful and relevant learning paths to achieve the outcomes you want.  Taught by experts to help your workforce do whatever comes next. ABSA have the tools you need to unlock knowledge.


ABSA has professionally handled a diverse range of research services related to BPO. ABSA provide services on BPOs and service introduction. We study BPO Services and once we find the same features, we find conclusions that can enhance other businesses services. ABSAs experienced researchers offer studies for all businesses interested in developing the latest global trends.


ABSA aims to represent and defend the common, economic, and professional rights and interests of its members, BPO sector employees for the foreign and domestic market. | +355 69 709 0439 | [email protected]

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