The tremendous growth of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector over the past few years has resulted in considerable changes to the lives of many people. However, one demographic specifically has seen a lot of improvement in employment in the last few years: the youth. 

The BPO sector favors employment at a young age with high incomes and efficient promotional avenues, as opposed to many other industries that prefer experienced and older personnel. BPOs offer a lot of opportunities for jobseekers between the ages 18 and 35, since the newer generations are much more technologically savvy in comparison to past age-groups. As a result, young professionals in the sector are reaching their career goals and financial targets much earlier than ever before. 

Nonetheless, when people hear the term ‘BPO’ they immediately think of call centers, however this sector impacts the growth of the economy and employment in many different ways. Albeit call centers have been a source of income for the youth in the workforce, outsourcing can be a way for young entrepreneurs and job seekers of different skills to grow by offering their resources and services (as third party actors) to different companies and major corporations, while having  flexibility and independence.

Nonetheless, outsourcing is deemed by many as a temporary venture, rather than a genuine field of work. Many organizations, notably ABSA, are currently lobbying towards the acknowledgement of the sector all over the world as a serious branch of the economy, while promoting the protection of the rights of its employees. Additionally, the association is further encouraging the (much oppressed) female demographic and the youth to consider outsourcing as a serious career path by providing training, internships and job opportunities.

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